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Drivers and Controllers for Release #1

Mapping table among use-case requirement, Controller and respective drivers 
API's of controllers to be used as part of the Release-1 use-case

Third Party Dependencies: Services View


Use-caseServiceNetwork and Technology DescriptionContributing partner for DriverDriver nameControllerController NBI
EnterpriseOverlay VxLANBetween site edge ThinCPE and vCPEHuaweisdno-driver-huawei-overlayHuawei AC-Branch V2R2C00 Huawei and vCPE V200R007C00SPC900AC-B API
EnterpriseOvleray IPSecAt vCPE Egress towards PEHuaweisdno-driver-huawei-overlayHuawei AC-Branch V2R2C00AC-B API

vCPE Interface

EnterpriseOverlay IPSecAt DC GW/Firewall IngressHuaweisdno-driver-huawei-openstackHuawei AC-DC V2R1C00OS API
EnterpriseUnderlay MPLS-TP L2 VPNMetro accessZTEsdno-driver-zte-sptnZTE SPTN V1.20.00.B05SPTN API
EnterpriseUnderlay MPLS BGP L3 VPNWAN across PE'sHuaweisdno-driver-huawei-l3vpnHuawei AC-WAN V300R001C00AC-WAN API
EnterpriseDC GW instancevirtual router instance-VPCHuaweisdno-driver-huawei-openstackOpenstack with AC-DC V2R1C00OS API
EnterpriseDC SFCSFC of physical elements inside DC networkHuaweisdno-driver-huawei-servicechainFW: USG6390

GW: V200R005C21

TOR: CE5850 & CE6850

FW Interface

Enterprise GW Interface

Traffic OptimizationTraffic optimization to assist TE in Enterprise/ResidentialMetro WANChina Telecomsdno-driver-ct-teZTE ZENIC IPSDNController API
ResidentialUnderlay MPLS-TP L3 VPNMetro WANZTEsdno-driver-zte-sptnZTE SPTNSPTN API
ResidentialvFW instanceVirtual firewall for children's trafficZTEVNFM DriverZXVCPE V1.00.10VNFM Driver API Definition
ResidentialvNAT instanceVirtual NAT for children's trafficZTEVNFM DriverZXVCPE V1.00.10VNFM Driver API Definition
ResidentialvBRAS instanceThe vBRAS CP used for pCPE authentication, accounting and authorizationZTEVNFM DriverZXVBNG V1.00.10VNFM Driver API Definition
ResidentialvCPE SFCSFC of virtual elements inside TIC-EDGE networkZTESDNC DriverZTE ZENIC for SFCSDNC API Specification
ResidentialService Traffic ClassifyNSH encapsulationZTEZTE SDNC DriverM6000-3SSDNC API Specification