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Use-caseServiceNetwork and Technology DescriptionContributing partner for DriverDriver nameControllerController NBI
EnterpriseOverlay VxLANBetween site edge ThinCPE and vCPEHuaweisdno-driver-huawei-overlayHuawei AC-Branch V2R2C00 Huawei and vCPE V200R007C00SPC900AC-B API
EnterpriseOvleray IPSecAt vCPE Egress towards PEHuaweisdno-driver-huawei-overlayHuawei AC-Branch V2R2C00AC-B API

vCPE Interface

EnterpriseOverlay IPSecAt DC GW/Firewall IngressHuaweisdno-driver-huawei-openstackHuawei AC-DC V2R1C00OS API
EnterpriseUnderlay MPLS-TP L2 VPNMetro accessZTEsdno-driver-zte-sptnZTE SPTN V1.20.00.B05SPTN API
EnterpriseUnderlay MPLS BGP L3 VPNWAN across PE'sHuaweisdno-driver-huawei-l3vpnHuawei AC-WAN V300R001C00AC-WAN API
EnterpriseDC GW instancevirtual router instance-VPCHuaweisdno-driver-huawei-openstackOpenstack with AC-DC V2R1C00OS API
EnterpriseDC SFCSFC of physical elements inside DC networkHuaweisdno-driver-huawei-servicechainFW: USG6390

GW: V200R005C21

TOR: CE5850 & CE6850

FW Interface

Enterprise GW Interface

Traffic OptimizationTraffic optimization to assist TE in Enterprise/ResidentialMetro WANChina Telecomsdno-driver-ct-teZTE ZENIC IPSDNController API
ResidentialUnderlay MPLS-TP L3 VPNMetro WANZTEsdno-driver-zte-sptnZTE SPTNSPTN API
ResidentialvFW instanceVirtual firewall for children's trafficZTEVNFM DriverZXVCPE V1.00.10VNFM Driver API Definition
ResidentialvNAT instanceVirtual NAT for children's trafficZTEVNFM DriverZXVCPE V1.00.10VNFM Driver API Definition
ResidentialvBRAS instanceThe vBRAS ? CP used for pCPE authentication, accounting and authorizationZTEVNFM DriverZXVBNG V1.00.10VNFM Driver API Definition
ResidentialvCPE SFCSFC of virtual elements inside TIC-EDGE networkZTESDNC DriverZTE ZENIC for SFCSDNC API Specification
ResidentialService Traffic ClassifyNSH encapsulationZTEZTE SDNC DriverM6000-3SSDNC API Specification